Hey, I'm Josué

With almost 10 years of experience. I am a Frontend Engineer & Project manager from Ecuador 🇪🇨, living in Munich 🇩🇪. Specialized in frontend development with a focus on designing and implementing visual interfaces using modern technologies. 💻 🎨 🚀

Jobs Experience

  1. Senior Frontend Developer

    Dock Financial

    Analyzing, designing, and implementing a new visual interface using TypeScript, Node, Yarn PnP, and React. Led a frontend team of three, mentored developers, and managed technical aspects of client applications. Aligned deployment processes to regulatory standards and defined development processes for new services. Saber más
  2. Frontend Developer

    Check 24

    Created new features as required by business needs, modernized client-side applications with React and TypeScript, and integrated continuous delivery systems. Followed SOLID principles and UX design standards. Saber más
  3. Frontend Developer


    Transitioned a classic PHP + jQuery application to a modern React interface, ensuring modularity and scalability. Implemented comprehensive unit and integration tests to maintain code quality. Saber más
  4. Frontend Developer

    Dimatica Software

    Worked with React, Angular 6, and jQuery ES6 to develop and enhance web applications. Saber más
  5. Project Manager


    Conducted market study and financial analysis for project viability. Managed a development team based in India.
  6. Account Manager / Site Builder

    DomoWeb I.T.

    Handled client interactions and project definitions. Built sites using CMS platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. Saber más


Recién llegado vs 5 años en Nueva Zelanda

SVGL - A beautiful library with SVG logos

  • Next.js
  • Tailwind CSS
Biblioteca de logos SVG de las marcas más populares. +10k visitas al mes. +2K svgs descargados. Creado desde cero con Next.js, React y Tailwind CSS.
Recién llegado vs 5 años en Nueva Zelanda

AdventJS - Retos de programación con JavaScript y TypeScript

  • Next.js
  • Tailwind CSS
Plataforma gratuita con retos de programación. Más de 1 millón de visitas en un mes. +50K retos completados. Creada desde cero con Next.js, React y Tailwind CSS.

About me

My name is Josué Valencia, and my journey in programming has been driven by a deep curiosity and passion for technology. Currently, I am leading a team of frontend developers at Dock Financial in Munich, where I design and implement new visual interfaces using modern tools like TypeScript, React, and Node.js.

One of my significant achievements includes modernizing client-side applications at Check24 using modular React with TypeScript, which improved our development workflow. Additionally, at BlinkLearning, I transitioned a classic PHP and jQuery application to a modern React interface, ensuring high code quality through comprehensive unit and integration tests.

My diverse experience also includes roles at Dimatica Software, Golmap, and DomoWeb I.T., where I enhanced web applications and managed projects. I hold a Master's in PMI Project Management and various web development certifications. My goal is to continue leveraging my expertise to lead and inspire development teams, contributing to the success of forward-thinking companies.

Josué Valencia