Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash

How everything began

Let’s start talking about my profile. Like you can see in the section of about me, i am not a programmer, I studied multimedia, a lot of things combined: design, photoshoot, photography, audiovisual production, etc. One of that things was code, but the basic, i mean, some php sentences, query for mysql or javascript.

My first job was to manage a website of a library, an e-commerce. Basic duties, like keep the content on the site according to the existences, design some banners or give tags to the actual content. But the website had a problem, it didn't sell a book.

There was a lot of reason, but i want to focus on the main 2.

  • There wasn’t a social media campaign.

  • The payment was with PayPal.

I don’t have anything against paypal, but in my city Guayaquil-Ecuador, for that years, nobody had a paypal account.

So, the main solution was to create a social media campaign, use google ads and facebook, make a plan, see which were the tendencies, some designs and rate on facebook. Also, find different way to complete the payment, getting the money on the delivery, or the pizza method.

So my boss, when saw this new plan, and how much it could cost, (no more than $300 per month) decide to include the new design of the website. And yes, was a good idea, why not, the only problem was that i did not have any idea about develop a website.

For me the solution was simple, use a CMS, don’t think more, that things give you everything ready for use, a bunch of plugins, and after a week the e-commerce could be ready.

A friend of my boss told him to use Drupal, for me was equal use that cms or any other like Wordpress or Joomla, all those was unknown for me. So basically, at that point i can not compare different cms.

In that time, Drupal 7 was just beginning, and it show to me very easy to use, i mean, the concept of download themes, like bartik and enable modules to show information was really easy. But my duty was to create an entire e-commerce, there was some solutions like Ubercart, but the main of them was Drupal commerce.

And well, my friend google didn’t get me information about that platform, there was some step by step tutorial, for install the distribution and more, but there is a point of any e-commerce where it have to be more adaptive to our needs. If im going to sell books, well that it's different from sell clothes, and all those configurations began to appear complicated for me.

I read something about hooks, about patches, about drush. There was wen i face with the huge wall of learning drupal. I wasnt prepare for any of that things, and searching information wasnt easy neither, i mean, if i fixed a bug, then other one appear, and that cicle still going and going.

There was when i learn something amazing. Twitter is a better search engine than google, because it is made by people.

I am not talking about the search engine of twitter or the hashtags. The amazing of twitter is how easly it connects you with different people who knows things, and the faster way to get an answer from them. That is impossible with google.

So, there was i started to meed the drupal community. I was someone with a lower preparation in web development, and with a project in my hands. I know that there are walls in other cms, that every developer have to climb, but for that everybody needs a preparation. Some walls are not to high, and others are huge. In my case from my point of view, get into the web development world was hard, but thanks a community who help me i learn something about drupal.

After a couple months, i went to Colombia, to the first Drupal Con in Latin America. After a year i went to Mumbai to the Drupal Con in Asía. And the reason wasn't for the code, it was for the people in Drupal, for their community.