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Mac, Linux or Windows.

I will not talk about which operating system is better, after all it depends in what are you going to do. Really, sometimes i hear my friends with the typical discussion, you are paying too much for that pc, or you can not do this or that.

So let’s start with windows:

Me, like a lot of people, got into the world of the informatic thanks to Windows, this OS is the most compatible with other applications. The basic and more useful application for a general user is the package of Office. We are talking about Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Yes there are more, but they are not for a general user.

This 3 softwares are the best, and they are so good, that every operating system have similars softwares, but the package of Office is so general and diffused that the compatibility of users have become complicated. I am not talking about share files, you can obviously send in a email a Word file and be sure that any operating system will open it. In this case i am talking about the user interface, it means if a user have been using Microsoft Word for all his life, open a file in Openoffice and start working, will be more complicated. And that is why the large companies need the package of Office in their business, the general user, new employers need to work in the classic interface of Microsoft Word.  

So all the package of Office have an interesting advantage, it is the common software, don't complicate the life of your employers, use Microsoft Office. And yes, the common user use windows and all their software, because it is easy to use, and is easy to use because you have been using it all your life.

Now, obviously windows have more advantages than the typical user interface. The most powerful software for design, video editing, 3D softwares and all the things needed for designers, architects, audiovisual productors, game makers  and more are happy with windows. All of them have the possibility to work on this operating system without any problem, and the really advantages is that the hardware needed for all that software is cheaper in windows than in mac.

Yes, if you are video gamer developer, and want softwares like Unity, Cinema 4d and the package of Adobe CC, illustrator and photoshop. You will need a powerful machine, at least a graphic card, more than 8 gb of ram, a couple of monitors, and a good cooler. All this things an be done with mac, but let's be honest, you can get the same in windows for less money, specially if you buy the parts one by one, which is a nice topic that i will share later in other blog.

Summary: Windows is our first mate, everybody knows how to use Microsoft office, “Est operating systema populi”. And also, have powerful hardware parts, cheaper than other operating systems.

Now, Linux

Linux is the open source solution, my first meet with linux was trying to calm my consciousness after hacking everything in window. And well, i never pay for any software, i just download it, crack it and started using it. But in linux all that ends, all the software in Linux is free, for everybody. I uninstalled it after a couple days.

Yes, like a typical user, linux is a headache. all my life i was a user windows, start using open office was a nightmare, i spend 30 minutes searching for the correct icons, and some functionalities wasn’t there.

So the first thing to say about Linux is that is not for the common user, it is complicated to adapt, specially if you come from other operating system.

But what is good from linux?

In my first job, as a web developer, there wasn’t windows machine in the office. Everything was Linux, and after a couple months, i really prefer linux more than windows. Why that?

Well, principal of everything cus i wasn't doing common task, for any report there was google docs. And as a developer, there was good softwares, for example Komodo and Sublime text. And more, i mean, to much more things open source that like a developer was really easy to use.

I met the Shell, a dark place where you enter some commands line and bum, magic start. You can access to everyplace in your computer, install development package, run a server, access to your database, or go to the database from another server in Mumbai.

It is so powerful the shell of linux that any mac have it, and yes, the last versions of windows have it too. (that give a lot of points to windows btw).

Also, if you need to create a virtual machine, run multiples servers on your local host and manage multiple huge databases, buy a hardware for do all that, will be cheaper than buy it from apple.

So, my developers friends, yes, Linux is the best operating system for develop websites and mobile applications.

And the last one, Mac.

After meet Linux, i could die using it, but there are something that i need from windows, and i am not talking about Microsoft office, in fact this blog is being edited on google docs, it’s done, for me, google got me, yes there are Microsoft solutions on the cloud, but google appeared first.

I am talking about other software that a multimedia guy needs, all the package from Adobe CC, some 3d programs and some game developer softwares. But also i was in love with the shell, like a developer anything is better than that. So, the solution was Mac.

I swear, i came with mac for the ability that this OS have to combine the shell with multimedia softwares. It wasn’t something about the brand, or the design, or the feeling of superiority cus i am paying more for the same.

Now, what about the office programs for the common user, well, like i said, google docs.

Now, what about the licenses, i still using open source, more of the software from linux is also on mac.

What about the cheap hardware that you can use for multimedia programs and development. That is a problem with mac, yes, if you are a senior developer, or a senior game designer, you will need to pay more for the mac hardware that is true. But i followed the recommendation of my last boss, when i bought my actual mac it was the MacBook Pro 2013 model, and with that computer you can increase the ram, actually i have 8GB or ram and i changed the hard drive for a SSD of 250GB. And yes, it goes well for all the package of Adobe and video editing. Sadly this is impossible with the last models of mac.


There is not a better Operating System, it depends in what are you going to do. If i work as a common user, a windows machine could be the best option. If i am web developer, a linux machine is the best option. If i am a web developer, and want to use more softwares for design and edit videos, well a Mac machine could be the best option. Please, stop to compare one system with other one, if you feel happy with what you have, okey, explain us what are you doing with your actual operating system, maybe you can do the same things with other one.