Who am i

I am a lover of photography, check my Instagram, it's more than a simple "share things" social media, it's about how I see the world. 

I am in Madrid - Spain, in the middle of a master degree in Big Data, or for being more specific, a master in Analytic Web and Big Data. And this is not the first one, before this, I did one master in Project Management according to the PMI methodology, after work almost 4 in web development. I did all this coming from the world of Management and Productions of Multimedia Arts. 

I think this is the profile of someone who has been moving into the technology world and trying to position its self in the best possible way to contribute to the industry. And I said this after being involved in different projects coming from photography, 2d and 3d design, video game development, web, mobile apps, films, etc. All of that requires something that I call "Global vision of the project" and helps you to work on it with a long-term vision. 

With that in mind, I decided to quit my job of web development in Ecuador and travel to Madrid for start the master in Project Management and learn the best way to manage any kind of project, taking in count the three baselines: Cost, schedule, and scope. 

I have made some start-up, most of them ended with a low rentability, so was better to finish them. However, because of that, we have started a start-up that helps soccer player to find an appropriate soccer field, make a reservation, and pay for it. We call it Golmap, now is in a testing phase, looking for a good feedback from the soccer fields, and some investors, my team will finish it if everything goes well.

So, that is the main idea, check my blog to discover some tutorials about Drupal, Angular, Web development, etc. If you have any question, please text me. And if you have any interesting project, text me too, I am the kind of guy who is looking to do some cool stuff.